Filmmaker Karen Kramer, and proprietor Izzy Young of the former Folklore Center on MacDougal Street.

Karen Kramer has been a documentary filmmaker since 1978, when her groundbreaking film about a small snake handling church in Appalachia was released to widespread acclaim. Since then, she has independently produced a dozen other films ( which have been seen in over 50 countries on six continents.

Karen Kramer's films have received wide distribution both domestically and internationally. They have been televised on NBC, Fox 5, WNET, The Oprah Show, CNN, WLIW, and dozens of venues overseas. In addition to winning awards at festivals worldwide, they have been screened at such prestigious showcases as the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the Field Museum, and hundreds of others. More than 150 universities show her films on a continual basis. She has lectured and toured extensively with her work - from Europe to Africa to South America - and has appeared on dozens of radio programs.

The filmmaker has four times received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as awards from the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York Council for the Humanities, the George Soros Foundation, UNICEF, and many others. She teaches at New School University lives in Greenwich Village.

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