"I learned so much from this movie, and that to me is always a surprise. I am so impressed with this movie and I do hope so many will get a chance to see it." - Ron Olesko, Folk Music Notebook WFDU-FM

"This film is a window that is well worth looking into"  -CJ Baker, The Changing History of Folk Music

"a timely, enlightening, and inspirational documentary" - Avi Offer, The NYC Movie Guru

"presents a vibrant pastiche of history, music, and poetry, an homage to the past, and an infectious excitement about the present'  - Wendy Moscow  Town and Village Newspaper

"Karen Kramer came up with a new way to tell the story" -  Alison Stewart , WNYC

"A kaleidoscope of vibrant generational influences on protest music and spoken word poetry across the decades. Connecting the '30s, the Beats and '60s culture with the contrasting political and creative struggles younger artists face today." -  Prairie Miller, WBAI

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